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Adam And Eve Penis Enhancers

Featured Adam and Eve Penis Enhancers:

Lust Naked Play - Natural Massage Gel, Erotic Massage Liquid, Sensual Pleasure Enhancer, 2.0 oz. (Lickable Sugar & Spice)

Brace yourself for a lengthy, intense, naked play sport! Experience the slippery pleasure of a mutual body-touching and passionate exploration of fantasy. This natural gel, made from hemp extract and slippery-elm (need we say more?) will give you the perfect, non-sticky, water-based, motion-potion that won't stain your sheets and can last for as long as you can. Lust Naked Play Gel is intended as a massage gel for external use only. Lust (v.): That feeling of wanting someone so badly that when you're with them, you're aching for their touch. The unending thought of their lips and hands all over your body. You crave syncing your breath and movements with theirs as you're skin to skin. It's pure desire.

List Price: $ 12.99
Price: $ 12.99

Lust Naked Play - Hemp Lickable Body Powder with Body Duster, Edible Body Dust, 1.0 oz.

The deliciousness of fresh berries will overwhelm your senses while you tickle your partner with this velvety soft powder. My heart began to beat faster. My breathing became heavier and more rhythmic. I wanted an intense exchange of sensations. This must be Lust.

List Price: $ 15.99
Price: $ 15.99

"NEXT" Best Sex Gel Cream For All Ages of Men│STRONGER, HARDER, LONGER & POWERFUL PERFORMANCE │ Libido, Orgasm, Climax│ All Your Happiness│30 Days Supply│ Proudly Made in USA│

1. Ultimate Truth about Sex ✓ Sex is the BASIS of our life. No matter what our society has conditioned u to think. ✓ The sooner we accept it, the better our relationship & ultimately life will be. 2. NOT HAPPY IN BEDROOM? NOT IN MOOD? NO DRIVE? LOW SELF ESTEEM? LOW CONFIDENCE? NO ORGASM? NO CLIMAX? NO DESIRE? NO LIBIDO? - Ohhh gosh..Your list is getting real big..but YOU ARE NOT ALONE

- Not just YOU, half a population on this earth, that is MALE, is trying to figure out women from thousands of years, since ancient time. Had it ever worked? Why waste time? 5. DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOUR WOMAN LEAVE YOU! AGAIN, ITS THAT SIMPLE
- Don't Lose your woman to Other man. Take action..Thinking doesn't help..Action will..Order Now..Like Buddha said, FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS MEANINGLESS..Act now..That will help.GET TO THE POINT, GET HARD, INCREASE YOUR SEX DRIVE WITH POWERFUL HERBAL INGREDIENTS 6. TOP REASONS TO BUY THIS SEX CREAM? ✓  GUARANTEED TO WORK!! or Money Back.




- Lets do a simple MATH. ONE time ROMANTIC DINNER with your woman cost you , shopping cost you over 0/month. This #1 Sex pill do not cost even 20 cents/time
- Lets repeat again, YOUR MONEY BACK...thats it! and this is not "MisPrint". 9. YOU ONLY LIVE LIFE ONCE. HAPPINESS IS TODAY. HAPPINESS IS NOW.Donot postpone happiness. Its not Now then when? It Now or Never.

List Price: $ 34.99
Price: $ 33.10

SpareParts HardWear PETE UnderWear Commando FTM STP Transgender Underwear Brief XL Black

SpareParts HardWear has created their first underwear line. PETE COMMANDO is a Jock Strap style with a "V" shape and contoured front pouch. The pouch stretches fully across your front, and follows the natural edge of the hairline. PETE COMMANDO can be comfortably worn alone or with additional undergarments. Unlike current packing devices or aids on the market, what makes PETE COMMANDO so special is you have the option to have your packer right up against your skin and a high-end designer underwear that allows the natural feeling of having the packer out and free or against the side of their leg, giving them the real experience of "Going Commando". PETE COMMANDO is made of light weight Nylon, Spandex, Jersey material. The Nylon Spandex component helps Pete breathe and to pull moisture away from your body, to keep you cool and dry. The Jersey component enables PETE to hug and hold, and be comfy soft against your skin. Pete's open fly front, provides easy access, and enables you to use a STP (Stand To Pee) packer naturally and with complete confidence. PETE is agile and easy going; you can pull down and just as quickly pull up on your underwear knowing that your packer will stay securely in place, exactly where you want it. PETE helps your image, as his contoured pouch under clothing, gives even a small packer the realistic bulge appearance. All PETE UnderWear have an athletic cut and design, so if you are between two sizes it is best to order the next size up. Packer is NOT included with the PETE UnderWear.

List Price: $ 29.95
Price: $ 29.95

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